This video will help clarify the difference between the two carpet materials and help you choose which will be the best option for your application.

What if I have a favorite product or manufacturer that's not listed below?
No problem! We'll see if we can get you a better price on that product. If we cant, we'd still love to install your product even if you get it from another source.

Will Modern Blueprint install the product if I've already purchased it?
Yes! We install products that have been purchased elsewhere. However, we will not be able to assist in any product related issues if they arise. Modern Blueprint will still guarantee anything related to the install aspect.

Do we have any options if I don't like any of the samples you have?
Some flooring companies are tied to specific manufacturers, at Modern Blueprint, we have access to hundreds of different products. Although we have had great success with the products that we stock, we can gladly assist in your search at the showroom or put you in touch with one of our contacts to explore on your own time.


This video explains the pros and cons of LVT compared to a Laminate product, and will help you choose which is the best option for your application.

Why does it matter that your installers are your employees as opposed to sub-contractors?
Part of our mission at Modern Blueprint is to provide our customers a more streamlined process, which includes increased consistency, quality and transparency. We didn't believe that was possible without bringing every part of the process in-house. This allows us full control over training, procedures and policies to better our customer's experience.

Is there anything I can do to lower my project costs?
There are a few things to keep in mind with your project that could save you some money. Even our first tier products are great products, consider lowering your pricing tier to see how it effects your project costs. Consult with our team for other ways to save a little money.

Does Modern Blueprint offer financing?
Yes, we have partnered with 14 different lenders to offer multiple financing options to our customers. The pre-approval process takes 60 seconds and does not impact your credit. Click here for more info.