- Planning -
Being ready for your install will make the entire process go faster and more efficiently. Being prepared for the big day will make this transformation a lot less stressful for you and your family. Carpet and plank installation is a skill that is developed through years of experience, using professional installers is a smart choice. Installers utilize software that allows them to minimize product waste and hide seams in lower traffic areas and are less visible.

- Pre-Install -
We want you to be as well prepared as possible for the installation of your new flooring. If you aren't having us move your furniture, please have all furniture moved off the areas that are being replaced. If you are tackling the removal/disposal of the old flooring on your own, please review our disclosure notice and make sure to follow all procedures in order to keep the project on schedule and on budget.

- Install Day -
Be prepared to have a decision maker on-site when the installers arrive so the details of the job can be confirmed prior to installation. We ask that someone also be available via phone throughout the installation process in case any questions arise. A variety of tools will be required to complete the installation process that can be hazardous and create loud noise at times. For everyone's safety, we ask that you keep children and pets out of the work areas throughout the installation process. We also ask that a decision maker be present at the completion of the project as our lead installers always do a final walk-through to address any questions or concerns.

- Post-Install -
Be sure to establish good ventilation after your install. Some of the products used during the installation process can produce an odor that will last as long as 72 hours. Some new carpets shed material after the initial install, frequent vacuuming is suggested for the first few days. If any wrinkles or ripples occur in carpetted areas, please let us know, it may be neccessary to re-stretch the carpet. This occurs occassionally in warmer climates as it makes the carpet backing more pliable.

Contact Us

Research - Planning - Estimate

  • Project Cost Estimator (estimate project cost quickly without having to provide any personal information
  • Use our product page to get ideas about which products work for your project. Links provided to manufactures websites for even more detailed specs.
  • Free virtual consult to answer questions or obtain a more accurate estimate

In-Person Consultation

  • Mobile showroom allows our customers to better envision their favorite products plank, carpet, pad, and trim in different areas throughout their home.
  • On-site bids ready in minutes. This allows for more customization to align with project scope and budget.
  • Your estimated project cost become a pin-pointed bid.

Order Product - Schedule Install

  • Products will be ordered and ETA's will be established.
  • We'll schedule your install and layout the installation timeline to align with project scope.
  • Once product arrives we will call to confirm installation timeline still aligns with customers needs.
  • In some cases rush products and installation are available to accommodate those emergency situations.

Install Day

  • Installer arrive with work order and "cut notes" detailing entire project scope including all materials, transitions and trim.
  • Pre-install video/photos are taken of the areas being altered. Will provide to customer upon request.
  • Lead installer will consult with homeowner to confirm all project details and scope.

Project Completion

  • Lead installer will do a walk-through with the customer answering any questions about the new flooring.
  • Customer will sign the work order confirming all work has been completed.
  • Final video/photos will be taken of all areas that were altered. Will provide to customer upon request.


  • Modern Blueprint will contact the customer one week after installation
  • We'll confirm everything is still satisfactory and answer any questions about product care
  • All labor is warrantied for one year.
  • We assist in any manufacture warranties/claims if they arise at any point after installation.